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Infosys Digital Smart Home Gateway

Today's homes already have several devices that can connect to the Internet through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LAN. Devices such as home energy monitors, infotainment gadgets, medical appliances, gaming consoles, and communication hubs, all have the potential to communicate independently with each other or with a server. The Digital Smart Home Gateway from Infosys links multiple home devices, enabling consumers to manage them from a Wi-Fi console, smart phone or remotely via the Web.


Target Customers

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) operating in utility, healthcare, telecom, entertainment, and security services can pre-integrate a reference design provided by Infosys.
  • Service providers can customize and rapidly introduce new products to consumers. Value-added services can generate further revenues. The solution enables residential utility providers to:
    • monitor energy consumption per appliance
    • forecast cost per usage
    • provide subscription-based demand-response programs
    • recommend savings potential
  • Healthcare service providers could enable health monitoring and diagnosis on top of the Infosys Digital Smart Home Gateway. The solution enables audio-video communication over Wi-Fi, entertainment subscriptions and security surveillance.

Solution Components
The pre-configured solution is available as a reference design which can be customized to the customer’s requirements. Additional applications can be built in for home energy management and automation, fitness and healthcare, security and surveillance as well as communication, media and entertainment modules provided by the MeeGO™ OS.


  • Integrated Offering: Monitor/ manage/ use/ optimize with readymade application suite for multiple scenarios such as home energy management, healthcare, entertainment, security, etc.
  • Standard Hardware: Built upon Intel® Atom™ E600 processor and backed by Infosys engineering expertise
  • Ready Reference Design: Vendors can customize to suit specific needs
  • Platform Agnostic Architecture: Built on the Linux-based open source OS MeeGo™; solution can run on a different OS as well
  • Expandable: Offers scope to manage more devices in the future
  • User-friendly: Enhanced security, intuitive user-interface
  • Engineering Services: to develop, deploy, support consumer devices for OEMs/service providers


For OEMs:
OEMs benefit from low time-to-market. With Infosys Digital Smart Home solution, they do not have to build the device from the ground up.

For Service providers:
It is based on industry leading silicon with significant processing capability to deliver a rich and compelling user experience. This is delivered at a price point, which makes it great value for money.

  • Higher revenue: Early entry into a very scalable product category, with a solution that has the power to pay for itself through savings achieved by deployment
  • Margins: Ability to up-sell into an existing customer base, hence a comparatively lower marketing and sales cost. Being an early mover will also ensure higher margins
  • Higher return on assets: Power to get additional customers for this solution and the core business line (e.g. cable or security systems, etc.)
  • Customizability: Reference design combined with Infosys Engineering Services capabilities to build a product which can meet specific customer needs.

For Consumers:
End-users get a rich set of value-added services through a single interface.

  • Enhanced savings: Through optimization of power consumption, even from a remote location
  • Enhanced security: Single-window access to all home devices
  • Superior user experience: Ease of use as it will integrate multiple features into a single device and leverage existing home connectivity options to deliver the service
  • Option of value-added services: in the areas of home automation, information services, entertainment
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