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Infosys Knowledge Platform (IKP)

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice" - Anton Chekhov

All business across the globe have access to an extensive pool of insightful knowledge, whether it is understanding customers’ needs and business environment or the skills and experience developed by resources over a period of time. In order to manage the collection and exploitation of knowledge in business, there must be a culture where knowledge is valued across the enterprise. In order to get the most from business knowledge, there must be a strategic approach to discovering, collating, and sharing it.

Infosys Knowledge Platform or IKP helps in capturing, formalizing, and processing knowledge derived from multiple data sources spread across various systems within the organization. This knowledge is represented in a powerful ontology structure, which makes it amenable for inference and downstream processing such as code generation.

IKP helps in forward and reverse engineering of software development and enables converting raw knowledge into a structured representation as knowledge models covering various aspects of software engineering such as business domain model, software code model, inventory model, software operational model etc. It also provides traceability of domain knowledge between raw knowledge & software code. It helps in knowledge curation, application development, application maintenance, legacy modernization, predictive maintenance, and prognostics.

IKP helps to model knowledge from any of the domains across any of the industries. For e.g. it can be used to create business process knowledge models or create engineering product and design process models in manufacturing industries etc.

IKP is a Web-based, secure, configurable, multi-user, and a multi-role application.

Some of the industry problems that IKP is intended to address are:

  • Reducing dependency on the aging workforce
  • Improving reusability of knowledge when technologies change
  • Reducing the cost of application migration through automation

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