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Key findings of new study from Infosys and Electronic Business Group (EBG)

With rising budgets and increased importance of multichannel marketing driving an impact across enterprises, digital marketing is now firmly established within the business strategies of several global organizations. These are the key findings of an in-depth report ‘Unlocking business value from digital marketing’ in France, by Infosys and Electronic Business Group (EBG). EBG is a professional community of business active in industry, services, media, marketing, telecommunications, and IT sectors.

The study of around 100 digital marketing executives also found that digital marketing in France is driving a more sophisticated approach to customer relationship management, with segmentation of different communities being used to drive targeted campaigns.

The report reveals that organizations are focused on digital governance, new organizational structures, and talent management. Key findings of the study on strategic management, organization design, customer relationship management, multichannel, and recruitment include:

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