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Global drinks company Diageo chooses Infosys for a pioneering digital marketing platform

Diageo places marketing firmly at the heart of its business strategy to fuel growth. Diageo was one of the first global companies to spot that digital media would disrupt the marketing landscape, and recognize the need to capitalize on this opportunity with a technology-driven solution.

The digital marketing platform – reinventing Diageo's approach to marketing

Diageo gave its brand managers a free reign to experiment with digital technologies. However, the company's decentralized approach – which gave local brand managers in 180 markets the freedom to devise and run their own digital promotions – soon became expensive and difficult to manage.

After reviewing its strategy, Diageo turned to Infosys to build a centralized digital marketing platform. The global platform that Infosys provided is simple to use and really fast – it enables Diageo to produce world-class digital marketing programs. It comprehensively and efficiently meets Diageo's global needs – from building digital marketing assets and launching campaigns, through to analyzing and acting on customer insights. Diageo can drive and shape the platform to fit future digital needs and meet brand objectives. The global digital marketing platform is accessed by all of Diageo's marketers across the world, helping Diageo continually drive the business forward.

Benefits from the platform

  • 80 percent of users find the platform simple and easy to use, and 75 percent say it meets their current and future marketing needs
  • The reuse of assets, infrastructure consolidation, process improvements, and labor arbitrage have together resulted in cost savings of 25 – 30 percent of the digital marketing spend
  • Cut campaign lead times – website concept-to-creation in less than 24 hours
  • The platform supports over 300 digital assets, over 100 creative agencies, and 3.4 million consumer records
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