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Meeting consumer needs with IT / marketing strategies

The mindset that technology is a challenge should change. People and organizations should learn to adapt and adopt evolving technologies, opines Kishor Gummaraju, Vice President – Management Consulting, Retail, CPG and Logistics, Infosys, at the CGT SM Summit 2014.

Kishor shares his perspectives on various trends that drive the IT / marketing alliance today. He strongly feels that technology is at the realm of marketing – from seamlessly engaging with digital consumers who understand different languages, blending the real and virtual worlds, facilitating the emergence of social communities, to digitization of the workplace.

He further adds that while marketers know how to reach out to consumers, they do not know how to manage these IT programs. Also, while IT department might know how to manage these technology programs, they might not understand consumer needs. Therefore, an alliance between IT and marketing is extremely important.

Published with the permission of CGT Magazine

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