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Online Crowd Control for CPG

Online crowds have changed the way people research product features, pricing, and latest deals. Therefore it becomes essential that marketers understand these online group dynamics and make the most of consumers who depend on the virtual world for their purchase decisions.

Peter Sieyes, (AVP and Head of Marketing and Innovation Services Practice, Europe) talks about how online communities influence marketing and business decisions. He also speaks about the need for marketers to adapt quickly to these changes.

Published with the permission of The Marketer

Author Profile

Peter Sieyes

Peter Sieyes, Associate Vice President, Infosys Europe

With more than 20 years of experience in consumer marketing, Peter joined Infosys in 2012 after spending six years as the executive vice president and global head of digital and relationship marketing at one of the world’s leading spirits companies.

Peter has experience leading global and pioneering transformations of companies and their marketing capabilities. He takes the business into the digital world, and helps gain recognition from peers and Investors. He can be reached at

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