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Is social collaboration in the enterprise doomed to fail?

Despite a whopping 70 percent of organizations desperately trying to implement social collaboration initiatives, barely a few scrape through and achieve their business goals. Why is this so?

According to Phil Freegard, (Head of the Digital Transformation Practice at Infosys) it is imperative that social collaboration issues have a clear strategic foundation that is directly tied to the organization’s business goals.

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Author Profile

Phil Freegard Phil Freegard, Partner, Digital Transformation Practice, Infosys

Phil has over 20 years of consulting experience, specializing in e-commerce solutions for the last 12 years. He has led consulting engagements with Fortune 500 clients to improve customer experience, implement business change, and build flexible technology ecosystems. He has developed digital strategies, business cases, and managed large-scale multi-brand / multi-channel solutions across the entire system development lifecycle.

He can be reached at

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