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A comprehensive offering for consumer packaged goods enterprises
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) enterprises who seek to build lasting consumer relationships and generate marketing value need to embrace the digital marketplace. Infosys partners with CPG enterprises to deploy a comprehensive digital marketing solution that helps engage consumers, influence their opinions, provide relevant feedback, reach various demographics, and glean actionable insights.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Building long-term consumer relationships
  • Understanding how to leverage multiple channels to engage consumers
  • Harnessing the explosion of data – treat consumer data as an 'asset'
  • Driving efficiencies and measuring the ROI of digital marketing
  • Evaluating a solution with a robust technology platform that enables easier integration and user adoption

Our offering

Infosys Digital Marketing strategy provides an end-to-end solution for CPG enterprises seeking to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in their digital marketing. The offering leverages cross-channel integration to engage consumers, harness consumer data, and generate insights through return on marketing investment (ROMI). With seamless integration and easy adoption, the solution offers a robust technology-based platform to create dynamic digital marketing campaigns.

Our approach to digital marketing is built on three value levers:

  • Enable CPG enterprises to simplify digital marketing
  • Equip brand managers to create insightful campaigns
  • Enhance digital consumer engagements with the use of innovative technology
Digital Marketing Strategy & Solution for CPG Industry
Digital marketing – offerings footprint

Business outcomes

  • Flexibility and scalability – Facilitates innovation in creating high-performing campaigns
  • Agility – Reduces time to launch campaigns by 50 percent
  • Simplicity of adoption – As many as 200 marketers and 50 agencies have adopted our solution in 6 months
  • Campaign effectiveness – Provides rich analytics, a 360-degree customer view, and tools to track effectiveness
  • Cost and efficiency – Enables 33 percent reduction in operating costs
  • Security and compliance – Enables 100 percent compliance with functionalities
  • Reliability – Is par excellence, i.e., 99.99 percent uptime over 12 months
  • Collaboration – Creates a collaborative ecosystem for knowledge and asset-sharing across product lines and geographies
  • Control and standards – Helps unify data, provides a standardized technology solution and a proven global risk, governance, compliance, and security framework
  • User insight and engagement – Integrated digital data and cross-channel capability offers innovative ways to enhance consumer experience

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