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Digital Shared Services

With analytics and reporting tools, companies can aggregate, analyze, and convert data into dynamic and intuitive reports, thereby improving business and marketing intelligence. Such real-time analytics and reporting capabilities help companies make prompt and relevant business decisions, helping improve productivity and optimize costs.

Challenges and opportunities
  • Increasingly difficult to reduce cost and manage multiple agency development partners with redundant platforms and processes
  • Hard to manage the complexity of multiple agency and systems integration (SI) partners, coupled by a need to consolidate operations with a single vendor for centralized operations
Our offering

Infosys' Digital Shared Services comprises a wide range of features that straddle the entire digital marketing value chain. The solution has proven business benefits of reducing costs by 30 – 40 percent and improving time to market by 30 – 50 percent.

The scope of the solution comprises:

  • Agency and brand team engagement
  • Digital and web assets production (factory delivery and support)
  • Platform, architecture, hosting and content delivery
  • Demand planning with brand teams
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) for service reporting and delivery
  • Security and compliance
  • Quality management
  • Digital innovation
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