Industry Offerings

Hosting and Support

The Infosys Digital Marketing Hosting and Support offering comprises several robust tools that enable companies to leverage technology as a business enabler. This offering provides end-to-end hosting capabilities and support for all technologies and applications, thereby enabling quick software adoption, up-to-date application features, on-demand infrastructure provisioning, and optimum performance.

Challenges and opportunities
  • High running costs because of the distributed nature of infrastructure for digital marketing
  • Campaigns are rendered ineffective and are unable to churn business value if digital properties fail at a crucial point
  • Absence of solutions for seamless migration of digital assets without business disruptions and operational roadblocks
Our offering

Companies can ensure their technology platforms are tuned to deliver business value – with hosted capabilities such as infrastructure sizing, provisioning of data centers, building information technology (IT) and testing environments, which are augmented by support services for incident management, issue resolution, and troubleshooting.

Digital Marketing Hosting and Support Services 

Robust site-monitoring tools enable companies to effectively track and maintain their Web and mobile properties to ensure sustainability during peak traffic. One of the highlights of the offering is a uniform platform with best-in-class infrastructure that integrates well with existing and third-party applications – to enable cross-channel support and scalability, according to business needs. The offering also has tools that aid seamless digital asset migration with minimum disruptions and business loss. Additionally, we also provide continuous application support with security and compliance for hosted technology platforms and applications.

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