Industry Offerings

Production and delivery

Digital Marketing Production and Delivery offering from Infosys helps companies manage their digital and mobile properties, and create an engaging online experience for consumers. Providing end-to-end services – from hosting to maintenance, we ensure consistency, relevance and superior technology.

Challenges and opportunities
  • Robust Web and mobile infrastructure – offering security, speed, usability, agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • Improper digital testing – resulting in increasing vulnerability in the matter of security and compliance, which can have serious legal ramifications
  • Distributed digital properties – running the risk of protecting customer data inadequately
Our offering

Capabilities such as customer relationship management (CRM) analytics help companies convert consumer data into useful information – thereby improving profitability, personalization and event monitoring. They also provide visibility into competitor pricing and media spend.

Digital Marketing Production and Delivery Offerings 

Social listening tools enable companies to listen to what consumers are saying about products and brands, and apply these insights to product development, consumer support, and customer service. With analytics and reporting tools, companies can aggregate, analyze and convert data into dynamic and intuitive reports, thereby improving business and marketing intelligence. Such real-time analytics and reporting capabilities help companies make prompt and relevant business decisions, thereby improving productivity and enhancing costs.

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