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Can’t buy me love - Innovation in the CPG Industry : A call to action

Futurist Ray Kurzweil said “The Singularity is near”. “The Singularity” will happen in 2045 – intelligent machines will design other even more intelligent machines. The jury is yet out on what might happen after that, however, at least till that time humans must invent new products, services and ...


How e-Commerce has now become Experience Commerce

When electronic commerce was introduced, a new way of commercial transactions via the Internet was defined. However, for years e-commerce transactions have remained monochromatic. It is about time...


The journey to monetizing data

Big data, all data, master data, insights, and foresights – there is enough and more written about it. Conferences and business magazines speak about the immense value that can be realized. Hardware providers, software vendors, and consulting companies are out there making a lot of noise...


Influencing the Purchase Journey of Millennial Shoppers

The millennial shopping experience offers interactive storefronts, product catalogs on a smart phone, and digital currency. More importantly, millennials seek...


Rethink CPG: Know. Engage. Profit.

Omnipresent and omniscient! That’s how your consumers are today. They are engaging with other consumers, with your customers, and with you all the time. This has led to a phenomenal amount of publicly available real-time data...


Supply chain traceability with RFID and SAP

This paper examines how data amassed from RFID infrastructure can be integrated with enterprise systems using SAP Object Event Repository (OER) for...


Connecting the dots to create 'ideal' stores

Vice Presidents of Sales in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies continue to drive growth in developed and developing markets by leveraging multiple levers. Our experience in working with global CPG companies...


Marketing for the Digital Consumer: Road map for CPG Companies

To fulfill the demands of the digital consumer, CPG companies need to make a paradigm shift in their marketing. This paper details how CMOs should...


Enterprise Mobility with Sybase Unwired Platform

Many organizations face the need to make an important decision of choosing the right development approach after selecting a mobile platform like SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform). While there...


Enabling Sales and Distribution with the Cloud

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) enterprises are realizing that emerging markets offer tremendous growth potential. This paper explores how CPG enterprises can leverage cloud-based solutions...


Test Factory Setup for SAP Applications

Some of the major challenges in the testing of SAP applications are ever-aggressive delivery schedules, demands for cost-reduction, and the sheer size of enterprise applications. Testing SAP applications requires...


Building and Leveraging Metrics Framework to Drive Supply Chain Performance

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can maximize the effectiveness of Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM) by adopting a metrics framework-based approach. Our experts present a metrics...


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