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Adding macro value to microelectronics

All silicon is created equal. But silicon solutions are not. Today, manufacturers must constantly go back to the drawing board to create innovative products that can satisfy highly demanding consumers.

The semiconductor industry lives and breathes a simple motto: smaller, faster, smarter and cheaper. Sticking to this motto will require enterprises to identify apertures of possibility that can drive excellence across the board – down to the last transistor.

Challenges and opportunities

Agility: Building a strong ecosystem of hardware and software partnerships is crucial in achieving agility that can address constantly changing technologies and consumer behavior.

Competitiveness: Having to serve highly dynamic customers, semiconductor enterprises must keep looking for new growth engines, new alliances and acquisitions. With their traditional business undergoing constant change, they must look to new and emerging markets, which offer exciting growth opportunities.

Complexity: Transformation across semiconductor enterprises is complicated. All partners in the supply chain must be tightly integrated, and technology is a core element in this fabric.

How we deliver value to semiconductor enterprises

Infosys works with leading semiconductor enterprises across the globe. Our capabilities encompass all areas of the semiconductor business. This extends to deep domain expertise like chip benchmarking, operating systems, technology upgrades and product lifecycle management (PLM) support. Some of the unique offerings from Infosys for semiconductor enterprises include:

Integrated solutions for ecosystem partnerships: Infosys transforms traditional semiconductor value chains into value webs by leveraging integrated solutions, go-to-market strategies, and marketing and sales transformation programs that bring together varied industry players.

Emphasis on creation of new revenue streams: Infosys co-creates with semiconductor enterprises for next-generation chip sets, functional simulation, design automation, testing, product support services and consulting services.

Powering agile transformation: Our collaboration in supply chain restructuring programs goes beyond reducing cycle times. We lead the way in supporting business operations with touch-less procurement solutions, collaborative outsourced manufacturing, and eCommerce programs.

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