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Master data management

Infosys Master Data Management (MDM) solution enables logistics service providers (LSPs) to efficiently manage revenues, expenditure, shipment, and large ERP implementations.

Our solution eliminates mistakes, rework, overpayment, and shortens the order-to-payment cycle through accurate billing, and on-time delivery.

Additionally, our solution provides data to support operations, execution, customer service, customer billing, and customer contact.

We have created accelerators for your MDM requirements. Our well-structured MDM methodologies are based on multiple engagements across industries.

Challenge Solution Benefit
SAP implementation MDM via SAP and customized applications Improved data relationships for finance, sourcing, and HR
Parts catalog errors PartsRiver and SAP MDM data cleansing applications Single and credible data source, reduction of maverick parts spend, reduced errors and inventory
MDM implementation Ready-built MDM methodology, process templates, reference architecture, reference data models, and data quality services Flexibility to choose the right combination of package and customized solutions to optimize MDM implementation.

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