Industry Offerings

How we deliver business value to the Media and Entertainment industry

Our Media and Entertainment practice works with leading film studios, radio broadcasters, television networks, music companies, and other media entities to drive innovation and deliver the promise of 'doing it right first time.’ Our collaborative approach, digital experience and deep domain expertise have enabled us to work with our clients in highly complex areas such as music royalties.

Faced with new business models, new entrants and new devices, clients leverage our consulting-driven enhancement prowess to create an agile infrastructure that can adapt quickly to meet changing realities. With industry-leading experience in ERP-led transformation, we use our proprietary value realization model (VRM) to make business benefits visible to multiple stakeholders and deliver measurable business value.

Infosys recognizes that strategic innovation holds the key to success in today's highly disruptive environment – whether it's in creating new services, developing new business models, or in creating a nimble and cost-efficient infrastructure.

We are equipped to help you create solutions and services in these areas with a dedicated center of excellence (CoE) and media lab. We can also harness the strengths of our cross-industry innovation engines – Infosys Wireline, Wireless, and Cable Labs – to fast-track new service developments with product co-creation and shared intellectual property.

Our practice has made significant investments in platforms, products, solutions, and reusable business and technology assets. We build on these investments to create cost-competitive solutions and effect improved efficiencies for our clients – enabling them to do more with less. Our strong alliances with leading ERP vendors have enabled us to build substantial offerings, which we deliver using our global scale and capabilities – across technologies and functions.


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