Our solutions for the media and entertainment space are backed by strategic and technological alliances with key industry players.


Open Text Corporation established the Artesia Digital Media Group to provide organizations with sophisticated support for the production, management, collaboration, and distribution of all types of rich media content. Open Text looked to Artesia Technologies, its 2004 acquisition, to spearhead and serve as the foundation for this group. Artesia brings a depth of experience and a history as the preeminent provider of digital asset management solutions serving many of the world's largest and most notable companies.

The Artesia Digital Media Group's flagship product, Artesia DAM provides content-rich companies with a single point of management for all digital media files and their underlying metadata information. Regardless of the medium in which you work or the ultimate product produced — traditional print, broadcast television, Web, slide presentations, or handheld device — Artesia DAM enables you to easily find, access, edit, share, reuse, distribute, and archive your rich media content, all within your unique workflows and using the desktop applications of your choice.

ClearStory Systems

ClearStory Systems is the leader in high-performance, content management solutions for digital media communications. ClearStory software manages the enterprise digital media supply chain — from creation and collaboration, to lifecycle management and delivery — to give companies a competitive advantage, marketing agility, cost avoidance, and maximum efficiency. Backed by premier customer support and service, ClearStory's award-winning products are easy to use and readily align with customers' business objectives for both a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

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