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Adding integrated value for future experiences

While maximizing digital opportunities is the obvious order of the day, radio and television enterprises are looking at achieving a state with dual desirables – continue creative resurgence and make operations stronger than ever.

The industry is facing sweeping changes in technological processes, delivery platforms, policies, and advertising revenues. The mantra to 'keep audiences tuned in and inefficiencies tuned out' is loud and clear – become dynamic, fast-track innovation, and stay relevant.

Challenges and opportunities

Convergent delivery models and platforms: Today, consumers expect more content to be delivered on platforms like IPTV and mobile. Faced with spectrum allocations, which may not be enough to meet rising demands, a blended broadcasting communications model has emerged. With service mash-ups and technologies like cloud computing, enterprises can empower and engage across multiple platforms.

Creating new business models while complying with regulations: Government intervention in retransmission consent, content restrictions, and advertising regulations – operating with these constraints impacts the creation of competitive business models. Formulating the right multichannel strategy can help broadcasters identify avenues for creating localized content, building brand loyalty, and increasing advertising revenues.

How Infosys delivers business value

Infosys collaborates with broadcasters globally to deal with the digital market metamorphosis. We have a focused talent pool of functional and domain consultants who understand the unique needs of the industry. They blend their expertise in technology, consulting, and sourcing to help clients identify the best-in-class devices and technologies, and create innovative solutions that meet consumer demand for multi-platform delivery.

Our frameworks and tools can validate the effectiveness of the engagement and make business benefits visible to multiple stakeholders. We leverage our alliances with product vendors and our leading-edge technology strengths to create industry-specific solutions, which include:

  • Technology infrastructure management
  • Inventory management processes and systems
  • Infosys 3-screen convergence platform – to meet challenges of diverse platforms available today
  • Account planning, sales planning and consumer data analysis
  • Application development and maintenance – to work on different devices like set-top boxes, cable modems and terminal adaptors
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