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Adding integrated value for future experiences

The upturn is here, and yet it's not. While consumers are spending again, they're not really filling up the theaters or queuing up in record stores. They still want rich entertainment, but more on their own terms – it's disruptive, but also creates new possibilities.

New business models have emerged, even as motion picture and music enterprises balance portfolios with assets that are too old to fade away and too young to take off. Digitizing and streamlining production and distribution is now imperative to keep the blockbusters and hits coming – faster than ever.

Challenges and opportunities

Digital distribution: Today, content is on social media, and on portals like Hulu, iTunes, and Netflix. Capitalizing on these shifts, and exploring options – such as pushing content directly to television sets, mobile devices and LCD screens – will need technology that provides consumer insight, content management capability, and marketing support.

Maximizing new revenue sources: With the erosion of traditional methods of physical transfer of content from creator to consumer, the action is moving from DVDs, CDs, classifieds, and subscriptions to online and wireless technology interfaces.

How Infosys delivers business value

We can help companies take advantage of the dynamic pace of change through joint innovation partnerships – we've done it for leading entertainment enterprises with far-reaching, measurable outcomes. Our industry-leading strengths in strategy, consulting, and sourcing have helped clients identify tools and solutions that best suit their needs, leverage our strategic alliances with technology providers, and also validate delivery effectiveness.

Our range of industry-specific solutions and services include:

  • Integration and management of content to be broadcast, marketing materials and corporate data
  • Content development and review
  • Procurement planning and warehouse distribution management
  • Back office and front office operations management
  • Content distribution platform development
  • Direct-to-consumer solutions, like website development, using content management platforms
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