Cyber Resilience is More than Just Security

A recent forum of CISOs in Sydney focused on the need to build robust threat management frameworks and prioritize cybersecurity investments to combat the evolving threat landscape. The discussion revolved around closing the cybersecurity skills gap and building cyber resilience with a focus on environmental, social and governance factors. Vishal Salvi – CISO and Head of CyberSecurity, Infosys highlighted the need for remaining alert and proactive in cybersecurity, and prioritizing adaptiveness and resilience.

Vishal says that cyber resilience focuses on improving detection, alertness, and response. Addressing the industry-wide resource shortage requires a concerted, early-stage and ingrained educational effort rather than simply increasing the number of personnel across sector. In the event, compliance challenges were discussed with the need for companies to navigate numerous hoops while hackers face fewer restrictions. Cybersecurity was highlighted emphasizing the importance of sharing threat information to combat cyber-attacks.

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