Case Studies

Product Lifecycle Management Transformation for a Global Aerospace Major

The Client

The client is a global leader in aircraft manufacturing, aerospace, defense and related services. Its technological leadership, manufacturing efficiency, customer focus and commercial know-how has propelled it to the industry forefront.

Business Need / Challenges

The global aerospace manufacturer was challenged with:

  • Unavailability of product information: Lack of product information caused inappropriate manufacturing and procurement planning to downstream ERP application
  • Weak process standardization: Inept process standardization across product development platforms, product development across geographies, and decentralized applications and process developments
Our Solution

Infosys offered a complete suite of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services to meet the client objectives. Key services include:

  • PLM Process Harmonization which includes Process Mapping and Process knowledge repository training and deployment along with Supplier collaboration Process Mapping
  • Architecture consulting and deployment
  • PLM Application deployment across locations
  • Developed Knowledge Management and Reuse framework
  • PLM Application Integration using Lean Integration Principles
  • Highly configurable interfaces between PLM applications to downstream ERP applications scattered across four geographies
  • Interfaces between PLM and central archival systems for regulatory compliance
  • Reduced Development Cycle Time: Process Harmonization and Application Integration significantly reduced product design and development cycle time
  • Fast Paced Planning: Faster release of in-process design information for product lifecycle planning
  • Reduced Lapse: Automatic product information transfer reduced expensive rework and program slippage
  • Easy Data Exchange: Highly configurable interfaces, helped the client to redefine their data exchange needs on the fly
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