Case Studies

Use of Alternate Materials for Product Optimization

The Client

The client is a manufacturer of trailers in North America.

Business need

The client was losing market share to competitors because of lower thermal efficiency of trailers. It was also facing increased warranty costs due to weld access issues in current design that resulted in failure of welds.

Our Solution

Infosys redesigned the trailer floor system to improve the thermal performance and structural stability.

Salient features of the solution:
  • Benchmarked existing trailers in the market
  • Leveraged composites knowledge for alternate material selection
  • Substituted conventional steel load carrying members of the semi-monocoque construction with composites
  • Resolved warranty issues with design changes
  • Design validated through thermal and structural analysis
  • Enhanced thermal performance by 83 percent lowering operational costs for fleet owners
  • Elimination of warranty issues that originated from welding operation of floor boards
  • Ease of assembly and reduced manual operations led to increase in productivity and production rate

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