Case Studies

Infosys partners with a leading cardiovascular solution provider

The client

The client is a leading wireless cardiovascular solution provider

Business context

The client wanted to improve clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs by enabling the early detection of cardiovascular events while allowing patients to maintain an active lifestyle.

Our solution

Infosys partnered with the client and released a solution by combining a medical device, wireless and information technologies. This patient and physician friendly solution is designed with the goal of providing clear benefits such as:

  • Wirelessly connecting clinicians and patients while increasing patient compliance
  • Providing focused and continuous visibility into cardiac health status
  • Delivering exception-based, actionable information to guide clinical decisions
  • Enabling seamless use by clinicians and patients across the globe

The gateway device can receive data from devices which are monitoring the patient. The device then sends the data to the server using mesh network.


  • A patient-monitoring device which will be connected to the patient to collect physiological data via ECG waveform, heart rate activity, fluid conductance and respiration, and transmits it wirelessly
  • The gateway also collects blood pressure data from a Bluetooth-enabled and non-invasive BP cuff and transmits the same to the server
  • Wireless communication between the patient monitor and the gateway device via Bluetooth
  • The gateway device is capable of receiving data from various patient-monitoring devices and run algorithms to adapt the data to a useful format and transmits the same to the server over 802.15.4
  • The server has a software for data collection, analysis and storage with display capabilities


  • Patient can move around easily as data transmission from the device is wireless
  • Secured data transmission using wireless technology
  • Remote monitoring of the patient on the server which could be at the nurse’s station
  • Saves time and money for the patient and the physician
  • Possibility of monitoring multiple patients and parameters simultaneously
  • Physicians have access to the central data storage

Infosys provided solution support in developing the patient monitoring device including simulation tuning and in-house testing of patch analog circuits to comply with ISO60601 medical electrical equipment standards. The other features of the device include:

  • Microchip 32 bit processor with 10 bit ADC with external flash
  • Embedded Bluetooth interface (National LMX 9830) with embedded antenna
  • Testing of circuits with respect to standards such as IEC 60601-2-27 and EC 13
  • Taking the GW board from design to proto to demo
  • Firmware co-developed with client
  • Bluetooth module responsible for communicating with the patch
  • LEDs indicate the status of patch communications, server communications, and the GSM network status
  • Battery provides up to eight hours of backup when removed from wall power

The role of Infosys

  • End-to-end product ownership
  • From concept, schematics, CAD and manufacturing to sustenance
  • Dual wireless board (Bluetooth and GSM/ GPRS)
  • Internal antenna for GSM/ GPRS, PCB antenna for Bluetooth designed by Infosys
  • Product documentation in compliance with the standard requirements
  • FCC and CE certification
  • ISO60601 certification
  • Standards applicability consultancy
  • PCB CAD design
  • Manufacturing test plan and transition
  • Design includes analog circuits, digital and RF (Bluetooth)


  • Reduced Time-to-Market: The product was developed and released within budget and as per the committed schedule
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Maximized customer satisfaction due to the timely availability of a standalone and easy to use Web security solution
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