Case Studies

Development of remote patient monitoring solution for a North American cardiovascular solutions company

About the client

The client is a pioneer in wireless cardiovascular solutions, with a focus on creating digital healthcare solutions through the integration of medical devices, telecommunications, and information technology.

Business need

The client sought to develop a device for remote patient monitoring. They required an engineering partner who would design and test the gateway as well as the printed circuit board (PCB) of the device.

Our solution

Infosys was instrumental in the design and testing of the patient monitoring device at every stage of the development lifecycle. Infosys provided the client with engineering services and support by:

  • Taking responsibility for the development and manufacture of the gateway hardware, as well as pilot production of the gateway boards
  • Developing the firmware used for data collection and connection to a server
  • CAD design of a flexible PCB for the monitoring device that enabled the collection of ECG, bio-conductance and activity information
  • Testing the PCB of the monitoring device for compliance with industry standards such as IEC60601-2-27 and EC13, in addition to testing the gateway of the device for compliance with IEC60601
How Infosys delivered business value
  • Helped the client in better managing regulatory compliance — Infosys was responsible for creating key elements of the design history file and other documentation required for FDA approval
  • Accelerated solution design — by providing a complete solution for the gateway design of the monitoring device, which also allowed the client to focus on more strategic aspects of their business
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