Case Studies

Developing critical products for oil well monitoring

The client

A leading solutions provider to the oil industry.

Business need

The client engaged Infosys to help build an oil well monitoring product based on its optical expertise. Although there was a risk of technology failure for this high-precision product, Infosys shared in this risk with the client.

Our solution

Infosys undertook the complete product design and development effort by assembling a team that was a mix of technology specialists, domain experts and hardware engineers. Technologies employed to create the oil well monitoring solution included: signal processing to measure physical properties of the oil flow, sensing and measuring transducers, TI cards and interfaces for these systems to one of the PC interfaces.


  • The product architecture enabled the client to customize and deploy the same product in other technology segments.
  • The developed product was the first of a series of products using optical technology in oil well sensing systems. In the future, this may lead to the development of products based on optical technologies in seismic geology, telecommunications, etc.
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