Case Studies

Development of Security Gateway solution

The client

The client is a US-based maker of networking equipment, and offers products and solutions in the areas of broadband, content networking, DSL, optical networking, voice and IP Communications and Wireless. The company also has a range of security products and services to safeguard systems from unauthorized usage.

Business need

The client engaged Infosys to create a robust security platform to support its range of security products.

Our solution

The Infosys solution addressed speed (through a software compression algorithm), security, and ensured that the hardware seamlessly interfaced with protocols such as TCP/IP, VPN/Security and ISAKMP. Security was guaranteed by utilizing security algorithms such as the MD5 algorithm, DES (Data Encryption Standard), 3DES, and by carefully blending cryptography technologies.


The Infosys solution delivered several benefits:

  • Costs were reduced, while quality was enhanced.
  • In addition to security, speed is critical for QoS (Quality of Service) applications like RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol), which are used for real-time video and audio over the Internet. Our code ensured that RTP applications were not hampered, and this boosted both speed and safety for the client's customers.

Usage of an innovative cache for the security association database on the crypto accelerator further improved speed and ensured that the overall throughput was much greater than that provided by the client's competitors.