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Field Service Handheld implementation through Siebel CRM for a leading supplier of advanced metering systems

The client

The client is a leading supplier of Advanced Metering Systems.

Business need

The client wanted to empower its field force with timely information as it could not handle increasing customer requests. The company wanted to enhance the customer experience by empowering being more responsive to customer requests. In addition, it sought to enhance the work and information process flow to achieve operational excellence.

Infosys had to address the following challenges:

  • Extend the current CRM implementation of the client to enhance mobility features via Siebel Handheld
  • Real-time dispatch of service requests and activities to technicians in the field
  • Timely job tracking, billing, collections and accounting processes to support financial shared services
  • Usage of COM to negate technical limitations that Siebel Handheld had around validations, rule enforcements, etc.
  • Remote ability to help the management quickly react to schedule changes or conflicts and create a highly optimized field force

Our solution

Our solution extended the availability of the Siebel CRM service on handheld devices. We used Siebel’s handheld package to enable the built-in Siebel CRM functionalities and integrate new business process-related functionalities through COM.

Our solution offered the following features:

  • Real-time dispatch of critical information
  • Real-time response from the field
  • Asynchronous query of information that may not be available on a mobile device
  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Full local capability when out-of-wireless coverage
  • Automatic connection establishment and transmission when back in wireless coverage
  • Signature capture for customer conformance of service delivery
  • Barcode enabling
  • Image capture: integrated the device’s camera with Siebel Handheld through COM Extensibility to capture the images of different service units
  • Image upload: developed a standalone application to upload the captured images to the server

Technical snapshot

  • Windows Mobile 6.0
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5
  • C++/ COM
  • Siebel Tools
  • Tomcat Web Server (for SFM)
  • SocketScan SDK


Our solution realized several benefits:

  • More effective service delivery
  • Standardized job tasking reduced the number of job or site-specific questions prior to beginning work for the technician
  • Reduced the possibility of errors due to manual data entry, thereby resulting in improved data quality
  • Increased the overall productivity of field technicians due to streamlined business flows on PDA with automation wherever possible (barcode scanning and integrated image capture), resulting in a higher number of work orders completed on an average
  • Robust and scalable platform for showcasing advanced AMI-related work order management capabilities to prospective clients

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