Case Studies

Design and Development of Interior Hard Trims and Trunk Trims

The Client

An interiors supplier in North America sought support for design and development of interior hard trims and trunk trims.

Business Needs

The company faced stringent product development timelines from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). It was keen to control engineering costs for the program as an archetypal interiors program goes through levels of iteration.

Our Solution

Infosys' Global Delivery Model enabled offshoring 75% of program design, resulting in improved delivery time and cost benefits. We provided a fixed price solution to the client for the complete design process thus avoiding escalation in engineering cost during the lifecycle. The approach included the following:

  • Requirement gathering involving extensive study and documentation of the state of design
  • Style feasibility studies at the beginning of the design lifecycle led to early style freeze and less rework
  • Generation of alternative solutions and evaluation by leveraging domain and cross functional expertise
  • Implementation of tailored processes for integration of OEM/ supplier information, quality assurance, effective tracking, and resolution of design issues
Infosys was able to provide direct cost saving of about 40%
  • No tool-rework cost involved, as parts designed had no tooling issues
  • Increased operational efficiency by deployment of robust project management framework for effective execution, monitoring, knowledge management, status reporting, and tooling sign-off

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