Case Studies

Offshore Product Engineering Center for an Internet security products company

The client

The client is a leading Internet security product company based in the US. Its areas of expertise range from providing products for enterprise Internet / Intranet security, enterprise policy management, and identity management, to single sign-on across diverse web servers / platforms and related areas.

Business need

The client needed a partner to reduce product development cycles for its Internet security suite of products, reduce time-to-market and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the products, ensure product availability on a wider range of platforms to widen its customer base, and manage fluctuating design requirements.

The client converted the pilot project to a full blown development center, which could handle its entire product engineering activities.

Our solution

The client realized several benefits:

  • Infosys took over complete ownership of product maintenance and product enhancements, which left the client with sufficient bandwidth to focus on product development. It reduced the load on the client's resources.
  • Infosys helped the client certify its products with other third-party products and also performed product internationalization so that customers anywhere in the world could use itThe enhanced security features provided to its customers helped the client enhance its brand image and gain long-term competitive advantage.
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