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In-store Inventory and Operations Management solution for a pharmacy retailer


A leading pharmacy retailer in Europe incurred high operational costs to manage its inventory. Our thick client-based mobility solution architecture ensured a smooth technology transformation and the co-existence of next-generation solutions with legacy solutions.

Business need

The retailer experienced stock picking and counting errors in its processes. The company wanted a smooth and efficient technology transformation without heavy capital expenditure.

Key business challenges that Infosys had to address:

  • Goods In tracking to capture all the stocks received into the store and Goods Out tracking to allow the store operator to keep track of the goods movement out of the store
  • Monitoring of the store shelves to gather the sales floor shelf quantity and fill quantity for a product
  • Tracking of excess stocks; for handling the stock that cannot be fitted into the sales floor shelf
  • Item movement tracking between the back shop and shelf
  • Price management for verifying the prices encoded in the barcode on the Shelf Edge Labels and printing of these after price verification
  • Space planning and management to allow standardization of the layout of items in the stores and to ensure that this layout is applied at the stores

Our Solution

The Infosys solution ensured real-time and offline data verification, and validation with EPOS to support sales and customer service staff using handheld devices. We ensured multi-hardware device support through scalable and robust architecture that abstracted the hardware-level dependency.

Technical Snapshot

  • Windows Mobile 6.0, Pocket PC 2003
  • .NET Compact Framework
  • IBM EPOS 4690 IDE VSlickEdit
  • SQL CE Compact
  • Air Beam
  • SQL Query Analyzer, Profiler
  • Code Metrics Analyzer


Our solution realized several benefits:

  • Reduction in stock management costs
  • Increase in stock file accuracy by approximately 10 percent
  • Increase in customer facing time and reduction in stock room units
  • Work load reduction by 15 – 20 percent
  • Sales alignment based on customer trends
  • Smooth and efficient technology transformation and phase out of existing PDT-based solution
  • Efficient store inventory management and operations handling

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