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Mobile application development for an international logistics provider

Client overview

A leading logistics provider wanted a system to track shipments at the point of collection. The process involved customers booking packages for delivery using the web, telephone or email. The controller would call the driver closest to the customer’s pickup location. After collection, the driver would call the controller to manually update the system.

Business need

The company wanted a field force automation solution with real-time shipment tracking.

Infosys had to address several challenges:

  • Tracking of shipments in real-time
  • Proof of delivery tracking
  • Tracking of field employee productivity
  • Operational excellence in hubs
  • Enhancement of revenue realization and better customer satisfaction through accuracy in weight and dimension measurements, and fee calculation
  • Client used different makes and generations of scanners

Our solution

Infosys developed a field force automation solution with real-time shipment tracking by integrating the following features of multiple handheld platforms:

  • Multiple connectivity options implemented – GPRS, WLAN and serial connectivity through integration of third-party middleware
  • Development of an application level data transfer protocol to provide efficient data transfer
  • Barcode scanning, signature capture and transmission, signature viewer application, IR and Serial communication, dynamic data updates, etc. were provided on the Windows CE/ Mobile devices
  • Back-end system enhancement for the seamless integration between different platform mobile devices and existing IS infrastructure
  • DOR, e-VS (Electronic Verification System) and WLAN functionalities in another back-end interfacing system that acts as a conduit between mobile scanner and mainframe
  • Internationalization and localization

Technical snapshot

  • Platform: Windows CE/ Windows Mobile/Pocket PC 2002, Microsoft C#.Net, eVC++, Broadbeam ExpressQ Server, pSOS
  • Devices: Handhelds - Motorola Scanners HDT500 (pSOS), Motorola HDT600 (Win CE), Motorola HC700 (Pocket PC 2002), Motorola ring scanners, Scan glove from Metrologic


Our solution realized several benefits:

  • Operational excellence in shipment pickups and delivery – job details are sent to the handheld units used by the couriers, including full pickup and drop addresses, special instructions, contacts and their telephone numbers
  • Improved productivity in the field
  • Enhanced customer experience – customers can track the status of the package on the courier company's website
  • 10% improvement in the accuracy of weight and dimension measurements – key inputs for fee calculation

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