Case Studies

Mobilizing processes for a dairy firm

Client’s business need:

A leading dairy firm in India wanted to streamline its process of data collection, minimize the time required to organize and analyze it and provide accurate feedback. By analyzing the data correctly, the client wanted to provide the right information to farmers.

Our solution

Infosys proposed a solution based on Infosys Data sync framework IP, a context aware database synchronization middleware. Data sync framework would synchronize the data collected through applications with the server at the client’s location.

The dairy firm gained instant access to data, which was more structured and easy to analyze. A milk recorder would publish the milk produce of the cattle to the server. A trend in decrease or increase of milk produce could be used to provide appropriate information about health products and services to the farmer.

Technical snapshot

  • .NET Compact Framework
  • ASP.NET for Web services
  • VB.NET - Pocket PC library
  • Data sync Middleware


Our solution realized several benefits:

  • Streamlined the process of data collection
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating redundant effort
  • Increased accuracy
  • Synchronization of the data collected through the applications with the server at the client’s location
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