Case Studies

Nose Wheel Well Door Assembly Development

The Client

A leading aerostructure manufacturer in the US sought optimum solution for nose wheel well door assembly development.

Business Need

Development of Nose Wheel Well (NWW) aft and forward door assembly for a large commercial aircraft. Provide optimum solution of door assembly with near zero margin of safety. Maintain aerodynamic profile and ensure closed door condition in high altitude flights.

Door assembly consists of doors – composite sandwich construction and door actuation components such as bell crank and control rods. Also included are interfaces such as hinges, door fittings, and stops. Assembly is designed beginning from fuselage layout and aerodynamic load.

  • Stringent weight targets and adherence to near zero margin of safety. Design tool developments to meet OEM standards. Rigid interfaces calls for higher local face sheet build-ups
  • Maintaining aerodynamic profile and ensuring closed door condition during regular flight operations at high altitudes
  • Sandwich composite methods update with program maturity and flexible tools to incorporate changes quickly
  • Manufacturing issue resolutions such as core crushing during fabrication and core machining deviations
Our Solution
  • Kinematic simulation of NWW forward and aft door assembly for interference during landing gear retraction and extension with dress-up features in CATIA helped minimize simulation time
  • Static and stability analysis of CFRP Composite Sandwich door for various flight operating conditions
  • Client-specific failure criterion for substantiation of design
  • Generation of interface loads for NWW and landing gear
  • Curved beam analysis and hinge optimization with full fatigue spectrum of door operating conditions and NLG rigging conditions
  • Weight saving of 20 lbs, helped in meeting weight requirements of OEM to client
  • Development of in-house tools for strength and stability checks of door face sheets, honeycomb core resulting in quick turnaround for design and other changes Meeting stringent program timelines leveraging our Global Delivery Model
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