Case Studies

Outsourced Testing for GSM Product

The client is a global telecom equipment company that makes core switching, wireless, and optical systems for telephone carriers and data service providers worldwide. It is an active player in the field of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) and MSC (Mobile Switching Center).

The client engaged Infosys to perform testing for its unique products based on a proprietary platform. The scope of testing included:

  • Product Testing: To test whether the product is performing as per requirements and expectations
  • Specification Compliance Testing: To comply with world standards for GSM and MSC
  • Traffic Testing: To subject the MSC to high loads
  • Interoperability Testing: To ensure that the modules are interacting with other modules as per specifications
  • Patch Testing: To make sure that patches applied to fix problems are working properly
  • Sanity Testing: A subset of regression testing used to verify if the specifications are being met
  • Regression Testing: To ensure that no new bugs have been accidentally introduced while fixing old bugs

The standards of distinction that Infosys adhered to throughout the project saw the ODC setup for the client win the coveted nomination of Wireless Center of Excellence from the client. The client realized several benefits:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Removal of major bottlenecks and bugs in the system
  • Handover of the complete testing platform to the client ensured ready access to world-class testing paradigms
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