Case Studies

Product Development from Concept to Execution

The client is a leading office automation equipment provider in the school, home and office markets. For over 20 years, the company has been synonymous with lettering and labeling technology.

The company engaged Infosys to build proof-of-concept for a next-generation printer series that could handle high-speed address printing for mass-mailing scenarios.

Infosys deployed a mix of skill sets to design the hardware and software architecture, procure hardware components, develop, test and roll out this product and provided support at customer installation sites. The Infosys team created a core controller board that controlled all the primary activities of the final product and interfaced with the print heads, motion controls and an optical envelope sensor.

The benefits realized by the client included:

  • After successful completion of the project, a new range of product lines have been deployed and are quickly becoming a key revenue earner for the client
  • The product architecture built by Infosys allowed easy customization, which further enabled quick deployment in other technology segments

The product was the first of a series of products based on optical technology that had previously been used in oil well sensing systems. In the future, it may lead to the development of products based on optical technologies in seismic geology, telecommunications, etc.

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