Case Studies

Infosys Partners with a Leading IT Management Software and Solutions ISV

The Client

The client is a leading IT management software and solutions company. Their products enable customers to automate, manage and secure IT environments and deliver more flexible IT services.

Business Need

The client wanted to build a standalone Web security solution which minimizes the extensive steps and procedures required for configuration.


The challenge was to re-architect the solution on top of the existing product framework so as to have minimal impact to the existing customer base. The client also wanted to provide new customers with an efficient way to operate a lightweight and easy to setup solution.

Our Solution

Infosys’ customer engineering and QA teams adopted a co-development model, complimenting the skill set already available with the client. A core set of experts in product framework and technologies were brought on board so as to reduce the ramp-up time in starting the development of the product. UI wireframes were developed to provide a new way to implement the solution across partners.

A layered design was introduced on top of the existing product’s object model so as to have little impact on the existing product’s features. A remoting layer was implemented so that the UI could be hosted outside of the core application server engine and the configuration/ setup could be done remotely. Finally, alpha and beta testing was conducted with end customers and feedback was incorporated in the final release.

Some of the technical features of the solution include:

  • Programming Languages: C++, Java, JSP/JSF
  • Databases: MS SQL Server
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2003, Solaris 10
  • Reduced Time-to-Market: The product was developed and released within budget and as per the committed schedule
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Maximized customer satisfaction due to the timely availability of a standalone and easy to use Web security solution
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