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ARC Advisory - Infosys One of the Leading Companies to Embrace IIoT Initiatives

The influx of digital technologies has created new possibilities for companies to enhance business, streamline processes, analyze flaws, and manage products efficiently. With reference to this, a recent blog post, authored by Ralph Rio, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group, a leading technology research and advisory firm, talks about how Infosys has embraced IoT to create efficient solutions. The blog post also acknowledges the fact that Infosys expertise in end-to-end engineering services, spanning different industry verticals, has helped it focus on IoT initiatives to improve efficiencies for its clients across the industrial value chain.

Ralph highlights the significance of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) service offerings and case studies wherein Infosys has successfully implemented IIoT technology to drive process efficiency. His blog post lists the Infosys portfolio of offerings in this space — platforms and solutions, consulting, system integration, solution definition, and embedded hardware.

Ralph maintains that engaging with an engineering services company such as Infosys helps fill the skill gaps, required for a successful IIoT implementation.

The blog post further elaborates on varied case studies including an instance where Infosys provided an end-to-end solution to enhance data analytics using Industry 4.0 principles for a global oilfield company. The key benefits of this solution included the provision of real-time analysis of data, better decision-making, and enhanced productivity with remote monitoring and faster control.

Quotes: Ralph Rio, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

"To assure success, the program should be headed by an experienced business leader, and engage with an engineering services company having technology partners, proven platforms and successful case stories."

To know more about ARC Advisory Group’s thoughts on IoT and about Infosys capabilities, read the complete blog post titled, ‘Infosys Embraces IoT to Create Efficient Solutions.’

Published with permission from ARC Advisory Group.