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Infosys mentioned in Forrester’s “Digital Era PLM Implementations Seek to Democratize Product Development” report

The digital era mandates a renewed approach towards product life cycle management (PLM). Forrester explores this trend through its report titled, “Digital Era PLM Implementations Seek to Democratize Product Development.”

The research report elaborates on how the scope of product life cycle management has shifted towards strategic, enterprise-wide implementations. It explains that closed-loop product development is one of the significant trends in the shifting PLM market, and that Internet of Things (IoT) can provide significant value to a product development organization.

This is what Infosys global PLM practice manager, who was interviewed for the report, had to say, “There is a lot of need to actually connect all the pieces of product in the value chain; specifically, connecting product performance back to design. This integration and utilization of software in the product is a key focus from several verticals.”

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Published with permission from Forrester.

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