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What skills should techies acquire in this era of digital transformation?

Software is increasingly becoming the differentiating element for organizations to drive more value for customers and partners. And the value is being created at the intersection of the physical and digital world. This means new job opportunities are opening up for fresh graduates and while they get into the software field in these exciting times, it is important that they continue to learn and develop innovative skills.

Sudip Singh, Global Head, Infosys Engineering Services, explains that it is important to have two unique characteristics to be successful in the professional life — one is to acquire new skills and another is to adopt a new mindset. After all working within the team and dealing with people demands people skills that every professional must have or develop.

Remaining open to continuous learning is imperative, as software development is a very dynamic field. A techie should not only stay abreast with new technologies and software languages, but also understand the reasons for continuous evolution in the working environment and its conventional systems.

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