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Infosys Connected Care Testbed is approved by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

Globally, ageing population and the rise in chronic diseases are the daunting challenges faced by healthcare providers. Advancement in technology makes the perfect case for the Internet of Things (IoT) in providing connected care solutions. However, most IoT solutions in healthcare are proprietary in nature and the multitude of device vendors and connectivity options are making the entire landscape very complex.

This calls for an open IoT ecosystem for clinical and remote medical devices that can bring together patient monitoring data into a single data management and analytics platform.

The Infosys Connected Care Testbed is an open and developing ecosystem of edge devices, communication protocols, cloud-based platforms, and applications with a focus on cost-effective IoT technologies. It creates multiple opportunities for healthcare providers to improve hospital and clinical patient health outcomes as well as enable remote patient monitoring to reduce health relapse rates after a patient returns home.

The testbed will have two physically separated locations:

  • Clinical / hospital patient monitoring
  • Remote / home patient monitoring

Bringing both these monitoring locations into a single ecosystem will provide greater efficiency in patient care.

Some of the key features of the connected care testbed includes:

  • Building an open IoT ecosystem for medical devices for tracking and monitoring patient data
  • Clinical and remote monitoring patient data in a single data management and analytics platform
  • Medical device asset tracking and management
  • Patient prescription medicine and treatment adherence
  • Communication and alert system for adverse health event

This testbed will provide an ecosystem of tools that can provide the following benefits:

  • Improvement in quality of life for patients by allowing them to live more independently
  • Reducing the cost of chronic medical care
  • Provide patients, family and caregivers more involvement and leverage in patient care
  • Reduce cost in development of IoT connectivity in medical devices though standards adaptation
  • Reduce hospital readmissions to reduce health care costs and improve reimbursement rate

As a result, the Infosys Connected Care Testbed can provide a better quality of life to patients and enable better care management by caregivers.

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