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Ameer Speaks at ISG Imagine Your Future Workshop

The Oil and gas sector must dedicate solutions to operational excellence in the engineering domain. Owner-operators of engineering, procurement, and construction firms are looking for ways to drive standardization of engineering processes and workflows across various design groups globally. To do this, they need to integrate design tools and asset management solutions, but there are challenges to overcome.

Ameer Saithu, Associate Vice President, Engineering Services, Infosys, spoke at the event, “Imagine Your Future – Leveraging Engineering Services for Innovation and Operational Excellence” on June 24, 2015 at Houston. In a blog post that Ameer wrote for the Information Services Group (ISG), Ameer highlights the fact that accurate, up-to-date, and readily available engineering data is critical to the safe, reliable, and profitable operation of assets. When enterprises do not have engineering data on their assets, they hinder their financial performance and risk an increase in health and safety incidents.

The article moreover edifies on how Infosys Engineering Data Management Platform can help oil and gas firms to source, manage, visualize engineering data and information across upstream assets.

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Ameer Saithu 

Ameer Saithu, Associate Vice President, Engineering Services, Infosys

Ameer is an accomplished leader in the services industry with two decades of experience in envisioning, designing, and implementing transformational initiatives for leading global companies. As Associate Vice President of the Engineering Services business, he is responsible for sales in Infosys Americas. In addition, he oversees strategic initiatives within the group.