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ARC Listed Infosys Among One of the Leading Engineering Services Providers

Speaking about Infosys and its strengths, ARC Advisory Group in its research on global service providers in India for engineering services, states, “Infosys focuses on developing standards for system engineering for simplifying single source of engineering truth.”

Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group Services, mentions, “The Infosys engineering services unit provides solutions to support its clients across the product lifecycle from product ideation and creation to aftermarket services and end-of-life management. The engineering services market served by GSPs based in India was US $ 6.6 billion in 2015, and is forecasted to grow at 11.8 percent annual growth rate. Infosys is a major participant now, and ARC Advisory Group expects this to continue in the future.”

He also adds, “Infosys concept of ‘Zero Distance’ involves being continually in touch with reality both for the external market and internal needs by continuously sensing it. This leads to improved response time, innovation and customer satisfaction.”

Elaborating further on the strengths of Infosys, ARC Advisory Group states, “The unique knowledge-based engineering automation tools reduce design and development time through Design Thinking approach. Infosys has established a strong foothold in the IIoT segment. One another strength of Infosys Engineering Services is the domain knowledge acquired across industries by performing a whole variety of services under the umbrella of engineering services thus leveraging each of them and cross pollinating the learnings to provide clients with the best possible solutions and learnings to choose from and be more.”

In the research, ARC Advisory Group has carried out a comprehensive assessment of engineering services for the current state and the next five years. Based on it, ARC Advisory Group has defined engineering services as “development of a new product, process, or service. These services include design elements of the product or service itself, infrastructure, equipment, and processes involved in manufacturing them, maintaining them, or delivering them.”

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Published with permission from ARC Advisory Group.

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