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PAC highlights the expertise of Infosys Industry 4.0 services in an exclusive whitepaper titled ‘Industrial IoT transformation: Realizing value in short and long term’

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fundamental technology that is becoming the infrastructure for communications and aggregated added-value. The IoT is a key technology that enables manufacturing companies to digitalize and further integrate processes, products, and services, helping them innovate smarter products.

According to PAC, an ideal digitally-integrated enterprise has an integrated end-to-end customer centricity, digitalized and integrated backend and frontend processes, cross-functional data intelligence and analytics, as well as a company-wide innovation culture. This is possible with the help of IoT. By using IoT-based solutions, manufacturers are given the opportunity of streamlining their operations by connecting their assets to the Internet, and generating data from them as well as their processes and customers.

In this exclusive whitepaper, PAC also highlights Infosys expertise in the space of Industry 4.0 services, and how we are helping global enterprises realize value by adopting the Industry 4.0 transformation journey.

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