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“Infosys is positioned well to ride the next wave of IT transformation driven by IoT,” states 451 Research

Published with permission from 451 Research.

The Infosys Internet of Things (IoT) practice provides smart operations and intelligent insights to businesses using cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions. To add credence to our capabilities, 451 Research, in a recent impact report titled, ‘Infosys plays in multiple layers of the industrial IoT arena,’ has stated that Infosys has all the key capabilities required to lead in the IoT space — deep domain expertise and the right tech assets including engineering, embedded technologies, cloud, mobility, and analytics.

Furthermore, the report highlights that, Infosys uses a hybrid approach to enabling technologies with both homegrown and partner driven contributions. The epicenter of the company's IoT capabilities lies within its engineering services unit, which spans functional disciplines such as core engineering services, networking and embedded systems, and software products and platform development engineering.

The report states that Infosys is prepared to assist customers through their transformational journey in a number of roles – from strategic consultant, end-to-end provider, to tactical point solutions and every step in between. Infosys ability to bring a holistic ecosystem across the entire IoT value chain would differentiate it from the rest of the players. A strong combination of Infosys deep industry expertise and digital platform expertise is also highlighted in the report.


“Infosys is well positioned to ride the next wave of IT transformation driven by IoT with the combination of in-house assets in key areas, such as analytics and platforms, deep vertical market expertise and incumbency, a growing ecosystem that includes co-innovating with partners such as GE, and its vocal seat at the table in forums such as the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and academia partnerships,” said Katy Ring & Brian Patridge, 451 Research.

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