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From Russia with Love: Infosys provides engineering services to you – HfS Research

Infosys recently announced an agreement to provide engineering services to Ansaldo Energia by expanding its delivery network into Eastern Europe and Russia. Pareekh Jain, analyst with HfS Research, blogged about this announcement.

In his detailed blog, he discusses the expansion of Infosys global delivery network into Croatia and Russia. He comments about Infosys capabilities in the turbomachinery space, saying, “Infosys has strong engineering services capabilities in turbomachinery with Alstom as its anchor customer. This acquisition augments Infosys turbomachinery capabilities with specific skills in heavy duty gas turbines, industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, etc. These are hard-to-find skill sets in the highly specialized industry and Infosys can leverage them to provide engineering services to other customers as well.”

And commenting on the strategic nature of the newly established locations, Jain said, “… provide an opportunity for Infosys to leverage a delivery presence in Russia as well as Croatia to win more deals for both engineering services and larger IT services in the region.”

Read the complete blog post (Courtesy: HfS Research).

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