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Infosys and Huawei jointly launch a smart stadium solution

The growing demand for better-connected stadiums brings Huawei and Infosys together for this interesting project. Combining Huawei’s extensive experience in the network realm, and Infosys accumulated IT consulting and software expertise, the two companies have developed a smart service and operation solution. The solution has a fully connected wireless local area network (WLAN), which is oriented towards better-connected stadiums. In this joint venture, Huawei provides a WLAN infrastructure, while Infosys offers the service and operation platform.

Sudip Singh, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Engineering Services, Infosys, says, “Today’s entertainment hubs offer a great opportunity for traditional physical entities to transform themselves by adding a digital layer. The potential to deliver value to stakeholders – attendees and entertainment center owners – increases exponentially because of the intersection of the physical and the digital. Infosys rich Entertainment Experience Platform, together with Huawei’s market-leading Wi-Fi infrastructure, unlocks this value. This joint global solution will deliver a truly engaging end-user experience while unlocking significant business opportunities to entertainment center owners and event sponsors.”


With precision marketing based on digital technology application, Infosys Entertainment Experience Platform achieved an integration between physical and digital, thus providing personalized, scenario-specific content. From a sports event to a large industrial event, or a conference in a convention center, this platform makes it possible to enhance the end-user experience by providing contextual content. This platform also offers online navigation via apps, scenario-specific service management, live video broadcasting, and social media integration, allowing end users to enjoy a brand new experience. In addition, it is highly scalable, multi-tenant, cloud-based, and provides real-time and offline analytics creating new business opportunities.

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