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Mindsets must change so that we can adapt to a smarter, more connected world

Sudip Singh's blog post on Huffington Post

We are all experiencing a paradigm shift where everything that we can imagine is getting seamlessly 'interconnected.' The Internet of Things (IoT) is already becoming the next evolution of the Internet with its dynamic ability to gather, analyze, and distribute data into information and knowledge. IoT is the most talked about technology currently, and is poised for an exponential growth in the coming years. Sudip's blog on 'The Huffington Post' speaks about how IoT is not just a technical term anymore but a representation of a much larger movement that will soon touch every human’s life across the globe.

In the blog, Sudip provides insights into how organizations will emerge as leaders if they embrace IoT and will not be afraid to fail early. He further speaks that adapting to a smarter, connected, and IoT-enabled world does require some fundamental changes in individuals and collective mindsets. Organizations must be ready to make the required technological value-driven supply chain, and cultural changes to adapt to this future.

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Published with permission from The Huffington Post in Association with The Times of India Group.

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