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Communication services

The communication services landscape is on the cusp of change. Traditional voice revenues and average revenue per user (ARPU) are in steady decline. Customer loyalty comes with very high expectations. Over-the-top and value-added service (VAS) providers have become major competitors, while the convergence of solutions, technologies, and services has become the norm. To operate and succeed in such a landscape, here's what communication service providers (CSPs) must do:

  • Ensure operational agility in newer service launches - CSPs must adapt quickly to remain more competitive in the market and minimize the development time spent on newer service launches, thus ensuring quicker customer migration to newer services.
  • Create the right value and experience for users - CSPs must provide offerings that feature the latest in mobile, cloud, and social media technologies to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Maximize the revenue-generating offer basket - CSPs need to launch revenue-generating VAS across geographies, leveraging investments in newer technologies (LTE, IMS, IPTV, and so on) and expanding their offering portfolio – beyond data and voice.
  • Nurture the right partner ecosystem for integrated offerings - Having the right set of partners in the ecosystem is going to be critically important for CSPs looking to introduce new and emerging technologies into their integrated service offerings.
Infosys Value Proposition

Infosys Communication Services, with its holistic offerings basket, is your engineering partner of choice as you strive to:

  • Fast-track rollout of next-generation communication products and services: With Infosys Communication Services, CSPs can stay ahead in the race by leveraging readily-available technology assets such as reference designs, methodologies, and knowledge-based approaches, in addition to benefiting from automation, state-of-the-art tools, knowledge management, and best practices.
  • Enhance business with new revenue streams from emerging communication technologies: CSPs can benefit from co-creation, and ready-to-launch IPs and solutions as well as leverage Infosys engineering expertise in consulting, investment in dedicated telecom center of excellence with labs (Wireless / LTE, unified communications, media / video, IMS, contact center, and so on), joint go-to market approaches and models, and a full suite services delivery partner ecosystem.
  • Cross-leverage domain-specific knowledge of telecom products: Infosys has rich experience working with global giants in telecom equipment manufacturing, which CSPs can further leverage to their advantage to execute various programs and improve the overall efficiency of their service road maps.
  • Enhance total cost of ownership (TCO): Infosys can help CSPs improve efficiency across the product life cycle with lean engineering methods, a continuous focus on productivity improvement and right first-time quality approach, global delivery, and creative new engagement models.
Services and solutions

Infosys has a strong team of engineers who can help CSPs improve time to market and be of significant benefit to the engineering cost arbitrage. In a dynamic business environment, what CSPs need is an engineering partner like Infosys, with proven approaches and the capability to deliver gold standard value through a breadth of services in the CSP segment and across wireless, wireline, cable, and satellite domains.

Communication Services
Key solutions
  • Alert notification system
  • Digital commerce platform
  • Convergence gateway
  • vConverce
  • Digital smart-home gateway
  • Infosys vAutomate
  • User profile for transformational experience – uProfiTE
  • iMash
  • IPv6 Framework
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