Service offerings

System engineering

Infosys hardware expertise delivers continuous productivity improvement from system design services – including training and knowledge management – to verification-task-level enhancement, simulation-time improvement, guidelines / documentation and port test cases, to other designs, cross-training, and utilization.

Infosys - System Engineering Services & Solutions

System engineering consists primarily of four service components:

  • System design services
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Continuous improvement

Model-based engineering

Infosys – Model-Based Engineering Services & Solutions

Model-based engineering enhances the performance and safety of the systems and reduces system integration efforts. The functional requirements such as modeling, analysis, and simulation at an early stage enhance the rate of success of the design and reduce iterations. Model-based design (MBD) has been an integral part of the system design philosophy at Infosys, and is supported by advanced tools, and domain and technology experts.

Case study
Infosys partners with a leading cardiovascular solution provider