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Test and certification engineering

Infosys has a strong verification and validation team in various domains, technologies, and product standards, which is mentored by product experts and veterans in various industry segments. Through alliances with various certification agencies, Infosys enables its clients’ products to be certified for various international standards.

Services under Test and Certification Engineering:

  • Modeling, simulation, and analysis
  • Test life cycle management
  • Verification Testing (White box testing)
  • Validation Testing (Black box testing)
  • Regulatory compliance testing (with the help of agencies)

Our independent test and certification team is capable of addressing customer pain points in various areas such as:

  • Maintenance of legacy products
  • Field return problems
  • Customer complaints related to non-compliance in the area of functionality

Test engineering

Compliance Test Engineering

Regulatory compliance and certification engineering

Infosys - certification engineering services
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