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Value Engineering

With fast changing customer requirements and stiffer competition, Value Engineering (VE) is a key imperative for product companies to maintain competitiveness and product leadership. Through VE, Infosys helps customers develop products that are maximized for performance,quality,and reliability while being focused on minimizing product and development cost and lead time thus enabling customers to overcome major challenges such as:

  • Higher total cost of ownership
  • Higher cost per function and feature
  • Competitors' product performance and features
  • Enhancing manufacturing process and tooling
  • Higher cost of supply chain

Infosys has strong exposure and expertise in the Value Engineering space to provide critical support to clients in their decision making for new products. Other offerings in this space include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product tear down
  • BoM analysis Enhancement
  • Feature mapping and enhancement

Having a legacy of extensive and sustainable experience in multiple domains enables us to provide end-to-end offerings; delivering huge value to the clients and helping them understand their product roadmap. We also participate in technology and product roadmap discussion, provide localization opportunities for existing products and help penetrate in yet-to-be-traversed markets. Our geographic spread allows us to localize such high value services with better client centricity.

The tear down and benchmarking process framework developed in-house is as follows:

Value Engineering Services

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